Rosalie K. (age 61)    [Asthma, allergies, and pain]

I was not looking forward to the allergy/asthma season this year. I had given up on allergy pills and inhalers because of severe side effects. Being an avid gardener, the thought of not being able to be outside for fear of an asthma attack was very upsetting. I decided to see if Rona could help me. After several treatments, I can say that sailed through spring, summer, and into fall without any asthma attacks and only very mild allergy symptoms. No pills, no side effects. The treatments were pleasant and relaxing. Dr. Rona is delightful, knowledgeable professional. She has also taken care of the occasional aches and pains this gardener gets and headed off a bout of sciatica in one treatment. I recommend her to all my friends.

Bill M.    [Pain Relief]

Rona made my back better! After 2 years of work with a chiropractor I finally was granted an MRI to see what was going on with my back. The MRI showed 4 bulging discs, severe stenosis, and degenerative disc disease. I had debilitating leg pain. I tried a steroid injection. No help. I finally submitted to the idea of surgery. But the neurosurgeon I visited in Colorado Springs studied my MRI and concluded I was “Too far gone—too unstable” for surgery. He suggested I engage in pain management. ”Maybe you could try acupuncture,” the surgeon suggested! I am a 47 year old airline pilot, ex-military pilot. I wanted relief from the pain, no matter how I got the relief.
 Rona has helped me. It became obvious to me soon after entering her office that I was dealing with a professional, knowledgeable Chinese trained acupuncturist. I have been under her care for two months now. What a difference! I walk without pain! I am no longer stooped over. I am confident that next summer I’ll be back on the golf course, and next winter back playing hockey. All thanks to Rona, and traditional Chinese medicine. Before you get a surgery for any ailment, I highly recommend you give Rona a chance to help you heal. Acupuncture works. Rona knows acupuncture.

Renu S.    [Weight Loss]

I was 140 pounds and now I am 125 pounds. I went to Dr. Rona Bian on May 11, 2008. Dr. Rona Bian gave me 5 treatments of Acupuncture and herbs and I lost weight. I am very happy. I highly recommend Rona's Acupuncture treatment.

Jim M.    [Pain Relief, TMJ]

I am a military carpenter. In September, 2005, I was nearly killed when a house roof collapsed in on me. I was in neurological intensive care for 7 days (coma). I suffered a multitude of injuries to include severe brain injury, an acute lower back injury and a right hip injury – to name a few. One year after my accident I was still not receiving the necessary care from the military doctors (Western medicine) so I decided to try acupuncture and herb therapy (which are services the military does not offer) with Dr. Ronghua (Rona) Bian.
 I never tried acupuncture prior to my visit with Dr. Bian. I was very skeptical of acupuncture, but was determined to try anything at that point in my life. On my first visit with Dr. Bian I could not feel my lower back, I walked with a limp and I was suffering from chronic fatigue. Dr. Bian stated that I would need 10 to 12 acupuncture treatments to heal my back and return my energy. Sure enough, 12 treatments later I could not only feel my back, but I began to walk normal too. Through herb treatment and acupuncture my energy returned to near normal.
 Needless to say, I became a believer in the Eastern medicine that Dr. Bian provided to me. As a matter of fact, I continue my visits with Dr. Bian to this day. My accident left me with no smell or taste - part of the brain injury I suffered. Through acupuncture and herb treatment Dr. Bian has nearly restored my taste and smell functions. I am only part way through the treatment now, but I expect to have my full taste and smell sense returned at the end of the treatment cycle.
 During my recovery over the last 2 years Dr. Bian also successfully treated me for TMJ (grinding of the teeth) and restored feeling to a finger tip on my left hand.
 I am living proof that Dr. Bian knows how to cure just about any problem that you may be having. I have full faith and trust in her abilities.

Deborah L. (55 years of age)    [Arthritis]

I have been diagnosed with severe arthritis in the lower thumb joint on both hands. The hand specialist I consulted said my left hand would require surgery (to resolve the pain) and the right hand steroid injections and a brace, but I would eventually require surgery on the right hand as well. The arthritis was so bad that I was unable to tear upon a sugar packet or even pull up my socks without severe, excruciating pain. When I would awaken in the mornings it felt as though someone had taken a sledgehammer to my hands. I started seeing Dr. Ronghua Bian (Rona) twice a week for acupuncture treatment to my hands. After the first treatment session I felt some relief, by the end of the third week, both my hands were completely pain free and I am now able to work and pursue my hobbies and outdoor activities (not to mention tearing open a sugar packet and pulling up my socks) without any pain or discomfort. I would highly recommend Dr. Rona for acupuncture treatment.

Ropina D. (84 years of age)    [Shingles]

Upon receiving the flu shot, I contracted a severe case of shingles on my upper right arm, which lasted two weeks. I then suffered excruciating pain in my right index finger and thumb for a period of three months; traditional treatment gave me no relief. A close friend suggested I visit Rona's Acupuncture Clinic. Rona immediately put me on a regimen of treatments, which eliminated the pain. I'm grateful for Rona's services and I highly recommend her.

Nancy D.    [Arthritis]

I have had RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) for 30 years, causing deformities of my hands and feet, resulting in acute pain and limited range of motion. I noticed definite improvement after a few acupuncture treatments, and now that I’ve completed 13 treatments I am experiencing greatly reduced pain and increased functionality. I am walking better than I have in years! It’s obvious that Rona Bian is an expert in her field as a Licensed Acupuncturist and I am grateful for all she has done for me. Rona and her assistant are extremely kind and caring professionals. Thank you for a very positive experience!

Don A.    [Gout]

I have suffered from Gout in various joints for many years and have taken various western medicine remedies to deal with the swelling and pain which typically subsided within 5 to 7 days. Recently I suffered a severe attack in a finger that remained painful and swollen for 3 weeks, the standard treatments had no effect. My wife, a patient of Rona, suggested that I give acupuncture a try. After a couple of acupuncture and herbal treatments the swelling decreased and the pain subsided. Within a couple of weeks the finger returned to normal without the nausea and dizziness which was common with the western medicine treatments. I was not familiar with the use of acupuncture to treat Gout and in my case it was successful beyond my expectations.

Kendal H.    [Pain Relief]

I never thought at 34 years old that I would have to deal with a chronic pain aliment. Starting in March 2007 I began to experience a pressure pain behind my right eye that radiated to the side of my head. This pain was a constant pain that I had everyday for a year and a half. I went thru medical doctors, eye specialists, MRIs. and neurologiests. After the toll that the medications had taken on my body and not to mention the toll all the visits to specialists had taken on my finances. I was ready to except my fate that I was going to have this pain the rest of my life. This was a life filled with sleepless nights, unfocused days and worry that plagued me about what was wrong with me. I read an article in the Women's edition about Rona's Acupuncture Clinic. When I met with Rona the first time I felt very relaxed and felt a sense that she truly cared about me and was going to do what ever she could to help relieve my pain. I was treated for 3 weeks twice a week with acupuncture and an herb that Rona perscribed specifically for me. After the 3 weeks, I no longer had any pain at all. I have never felt so healthy and full of energy since I have been seeing Rona. Rona gave me back my ability to live an active happy life again and I will forever be grateful to her for that. I would recommend anyone that is experiencing pain and is tired to doctors prescribing a pill to mask the symptoms that usually comes with more harmful side effects to make an appointment with Rona.

Kim W.    [Weight Loss]

Since I turned 40, I have struggled with my weight. I never had to diet, watch what I eat, or had to exercise excessively in order to not gain weight.
 I am only 5 feet tall, and very petite, so even gaining 5 lbs is a lot of weight, and looks like 20 lbs. I normally weight between 95 and 100 lbs.
 Last year I weighted in at 25 lbs overweight, so I decided to join Villa Sport. I worked with a trainer for the first 4 months; she had me working out everyday. I did weights, swimming, and cardio classes, along with a meal planner. After those 4 months with no weight loss, I hired a second trainer. He put me on an even more rigorous workout, to the point where my body was so sore, and I was exhausted. Again after 6 months with no weight loss, I gave up and quit.
 I had convinced myself that I was just getting old and that was why I just couldn't loose the weight.
 Then, I found an ad for Rona's Acupuncture for weight loss, and decided to have a consultation with her. She told me acupuncture works very well for weight loss. So I decided to give it a try. When I started in April, I weighted 125 lbs, and was a size 11. Two months later, I weights 105 lbs, and am wearing a size 5!
 I would recommend Rona's Acupuncture to anyone. It doesn't hurt; in fact it is quite relaxing! I(and my husband) am very pleased with the results!
 Thanks Rona!

Amanda H.    [Acne]

As a teenager I had nice skin, very few blemishes. At 25 I broke out with severe adult acne. Over the past seven years I have tried almost every acne treatment available, from over the counter creams to chemical peels to prescribed creams and antibiotics. While some of treatments did provide some temporary relief, nothing had truly cleared my face. About 8 months ago I started seeing Rona. She began treating my acne with acupuncture and herbs. I started seeing improvement with 2 weeks and now my face is clear. There are no words that can express my gratitude to Rona. I can, without any doubt or hesitation, highly recommend Rona for treatment.

Angela T.    [Pain Relief and Sleep Issues]

Originally, when I first sought out Dr. Rona's services, I was desperate. I had severe trouble sleeping for 6-8 months. I tried everything - sleeping aids, breathing techniques, yoga, etc., and none of them seemed to work. As I was researching to see which acupuncturist clinic I wanted to go to, I found a bio on Dr. Rona, read what she could treat, and decided to give it a try. It took a lot for me to go, because I have always been deeply afraid of needles. Within 3 months, I was sleeping through the night, and have not had problems with insomnia since.
 Approximately 6 months later, I got into a serious car accident. I had severe whip lash, lower back, and hip problems. It was painful for me to move, limiting my daily activities; I could not sit for extended periods of time, or stand for long periods of time. Working out was out of the question. I went back to see Dr. Rona to see if she could help me. Within a few treatments, the neck, shoulder, back, and hip pain were 90% gone, and I was able sit/stand for extended periods, and start enjoying my outdoor hobbies once again.
 The work that Dr. Rona has done is amazing, and I have become a firm believer of acupuncture and the healing power that it has.

Heather T.    [Pain Relief]

In February of 2006, during the end of my pregnancy with my daughter, I developed intense numbness and tingling in my hands as well as bilateral elbow pain. I had hoped that after I had her that these symptoms would subside but instead they remained with me. It was so severe that I was unable to hold a phone to my head for longer than 10 seconds before my hands went totally numb. My hands went numb as soon as I placed them on the steering wheel of my car. I couldn’t sleep on my sides at night because my entire arm would go to sleep. The rest of the time my hands just tingled like they were falling asleep.
 My elbows caused other issues. I couldn’t pick things up without excruciating pain shooting through my elbows. Things such as squeezing a shampoo bottle, washing my hair, lifting anything to my face (like food and drink) and just bending my elbows in general was very painful. I tried all sorts of things to fix these issues. Pain creams, massages, chiropractic care, stretching, etc but nothing ever alleviated any of this.
 I finally decided to give acupuncture a try at the beginning of 2012. Rona fixed the elbow pain after the first treatment. They haven’t hurt since then. After the 6th treatment, all of the numbness and tingling in my hands vanished. I wish I had known how effective acupuncture could be years ago and then I could have saved myself years of pain and suffering. I am thrilled to finally have permanent relief!