Traditional Chinese Medicine and Weight Loss

According to theory of Chinese medicine, fat tissue is from excess dampness lodged in the skin and muscle. There are several ways to eliminate this dampness from the body. The most effective method is to increase the body's basal metabolic rate and improve the processing of water and fluids by strengthening specific organ functions in the body. The two most commonly used treatment methods for promoting weight loss in traditional Chinese medicine are acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Both methods are natural, safe and more likely to be long term. The Chinese herb and acupuncture techniques are used to strengthen all the organs and function of the body, specially improve spleen and kidney function thereby helping to eliminate excess dampness lodged in the tissue and skin. In addition, we use ear acupuncture. The ear is treated with tiny needles or pellets, then pressed several times per day by the patient. This insures continuous treatment between regularly scheduled office visit.

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